Importance Of Destination Tourism

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Destination Branding Tourism is generally considered as a leisure activity .But if considered from a point of view of the impact tourism on the economy it no longer is a leisure activity. With both domestic and international travel becoming more accessible, consumers have started considering the world to be a very small place. So as global tourism competition is rising it is becoming all the more important for the countries to invest time and efforts in marketing their destinations, so that they are not left behind. Characteristics A unique characteristic of tourism product is that the consumers perceive destination as a product and hence judge and measure the attributes on both affective and cognitive parameters. But, marketing a destination…show more content…
Reduced Search Costs: Building a positive image reduces the cost of search and choice of destination also becomes easier for the visitors. 2. Quality Experience: It is difficult to match the expected quality before the visit actually takes place. However destination branding reduces it to some level. 3. Unique Selling Proposition: Destination branding provides a unique selling proposition while competing with many other destinations. It provides a relevance and sustainability which cannot be imitated by the competitors. 4. Being a high involvement product, destination branding helps reduce the choices. 5. Destination Branding helps to reduce the impact of intangibility. Difficulties in Branding a Destination The major difficulties in destination branding are as follows:- 1. The multi dimensional nature of the destinations as compared to the consumer goods. 2. Difficulties in arriving at a consensus by the local community and funding issues. 3. Tourism is lot dependent on macro environmental factors like politics, terrorism, epidemic and geographical factors like climate, accessibility etc .If these factors are not conducive, destination branding might not help…show more content…
Destination branding helped Dubai transform itself from a desert into a dreamland. One of the major initiatives in this direction was started in 1996 by launching the “The Dubai Shopping Festival”. Both the government and private stakeholder’s efforts were involved to make it a success. The branding was based on five pillars tourist, destination, citizen, tourism service, suppliers. Dubai has grown in a very short span of time not only in tourism but also in business, shopping, trade and improved lifestyles. This could be only achieved due to clarity in vision and cooperation of all the

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