The Pros And Cons Of Detective Fiction

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Why we should read detective fiction.

We spend large parts of our lives in books about fiction. Not only in books but also through television shows and films. Many people wonder if it is positive or negative to read Fiction? Society is changing and is today surrounded by digital media that govern society. When society changes, it may in some cases be enjoyable to escape from reality.
We should read detective fictions, because the books improve our language and vocabulary while developing our thinking and stimulating imagination.

Does fiction build the morality (det är ofta I fiction som vi har morality) of individuals and societies?

Argument 1: Firstly, I would say that fiction is like a friend, when you feel lonely. The books can give
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An example of this is that fiction is a big genre. This in turn makes people become more discerning and expects something incredibly good. Edmund Wilson wrote in his article “Mr. Holmes, they were the footprints of a gigantic Hound”. (1945) that the older fiction books are better than the new ones. This because the older fiction books had more virtue of imagination and style, which Wilson believes many detective stories lack today. Fiction writers today have more difficulty in controlling their stories and instead they had a life of their own and “flew away” states Wilson. Raymond Chandler writes in his article “The simple art of murder” (1944) how difficult it is to write fiction. According to Chandler, writers today have a poor knowledge of the society in which we live. Readers today will not care about the details that makes the story realistic, readers do not care about life as the characters live. Instead, readers are more interested in the difficult murders. So, to make fiction more interesting, the authors have to build stories on more detailed murder stories. If books continue to be of the same poor quality and cannot be measured with the elderly, it will in turn cause fewer to read books, both young and
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