Importance Of Developmentally Appropriate Practice

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ECE Assignment 2 Liliana Repp Developmentally Appropriate Practice
Developmentally appropriate practice has to do with teachers teaching with a purpose, keeping in mind core considerations. Teachers need to keep in mind goals for children learning and development to be intentional for children to reach a goal. There are three areas in which to consider when making appropriate goals for children. The first area that teachers should include when making appropriate and reachable goals is to be and have knowledge of child development. Children learn differently at different ages so there will be things that they can and can’t do. Teachers that are knowledgeable can use this to make developmentally appropriate decisions in teaching and taking care of children, keeping in mind for each child’s interest, abilities, and developmental progress. Children are not all alike, they come from different cultures with traditions and value expectations. Teachers most definitely should take this into consideration when selecting reachable goals for them. 1. Children should be challenged, with appropriate age related characteristics and knowledge to promote learning thru experiences. When teachers are knowledgeable about how children should learn and what age they should learn it they can promote learning development. “With this knowledge , teachers can make preliminary

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