Importance Of Digital Literacy

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In the recent years, education has started to be one of the fields which uses computer based technology intensively. Having computer skills and using computer based technology to find information have started to become important aspects for schools. Digital literacy is how to find, organize and create information using digital technology. Information literacy is knowing how to find, access, evaluate, use and manage the information that was collected. It is part of lifelong learning and an important skill for all students. Both digital and information literacy are of major importance in learning and teaching, and are essential skills for students.
Digital libraries play an important role in the modern information society, they are part of this continuous development of the role of computers and telecommunications in our lives. To be able to make use of digital libraries, being technologically literate is essential. Locating information from a digital library requires computer literacy. But it is also very important to have the ability to access, organize, evaluate and use information from these sources. Information literacy means that one knows how to use the new knowledge and is applying the information that was collected.
Barrington Digital Library, UK, designed their Library Information Literacy Project (1999) around skills that a user would progress through to become information literate. These are skills digital library users must have to facilitate the library’s
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