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BODY CONTENT The existence of digital media Digital media are any media that are encoded in a machine-readable format. Digital media can be created, viewed, distributed, modified and preserved on computers or any kind of technology devices. Digital media: audio, video, and images that exist in a computer-readable format, and can reside on a local device (CD, DVD, hard drive), or remote location (website). In many ways, digital media are no different from analogue recorded media, which have been around for decades. What is unique is the ability to easily create, copy, and transmit digital media. They can be streamed, downloaded, or stored on media such as CD or DVD. Nowadays have new technology in world market especially in the internet area. People are more adapt in internet, because internet can provide them a faster, highly available and affordable platform to search on what they want. This is making the existence of digital media more vital. Agenda setting model. Does it exist in digital media?…show more content…
The basic claim is that as the media devote more attention to an issue, the public perceives the issue as important. When the media take up a specific topic - such as climate change, or manager bonuses - they make us think about it. Also known as The Agenda Setting Function of the Mass Media, it was first put forth by Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw in 1972 in Public Opinion Quarterly. They originally suggested that the media sets the public agenda, in the sense that they may not exactly tell you what to think, but they may tell you what to think about. In their first article where they brought this theory to light their abstract states: The agenda setting we talk about in Mass Communication means that the influence of media on the audience in the subject field of cognitive priority

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