Importance Of Digital Preservation

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Centre for Library and Information Management Studies Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Library TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES DEONAR, MUMBAI – 400088 POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN DIGITAL LIBRARY AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Course Number: DL 07 Course Title: Digital Preservation and Archiving Assignment: Assignment-I Question: Explain digital preservation? Justify with examples why there is a need to preserve digital resources. Date of Submission: Student`s Enrollment No. 2014PGDLIM014 Sl. No. Content Page No. 1. Introduction 2. Definition of Digital Perseveration 3. Which Type of Materials are Need for Digital Preservation 4. Characteristics of Digital Preservation 5. Need to Preserve Digital Resources 6. Approaches to Digital Preservation…show more content…
“Digital preservation” is the set of process and activities that ensures long-term, sustained storage of, access to and interpretation of digital information, curation is an applied form of preservation that focuses on interpretation and is often (though not exclusively) used in relation to working with scientific datasets. The ultimate objective of all digital preservation activity, is to keep valuable and useful digital material (increasingly online) available for future generations of scholars, researchers and to the user…show more content…
Problems of physical preservation are compounded by the obsolescence of computer equipment, software, and storage media. Also refers to the practice of digitizing materials originally produced in non digital formats (print, film, etc.) to prevent permanent loss due to deterioration of the physical medium.” Digital preservation has the two dimensions i.e. preservation of materials that are born in digital form and another is digitization for preservation of printed documents and the manuscripts which are touched by the hand of deterioration. Digital preservation facilitates the global accessibility of any form of documents. Which Types of Materials are Need for Digital Preservation The following type of digital collections and resources are need for digital preservation: • The print information’s are converted to digitized versions (that is reformatted information). So it is need for preservation. • Those information are born in digital format, it is required for

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