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DIGITIZATION- ACCELERATION TOOL FOR THE ENTREPRENEURS ‘Everyone out there wants digitization, and they want it for everything and demonetization has made us learn its importance’ Who is not in love with the idea of having access to everything at the comfort of their own space, without stepping out and struggling for what they exactly want. Either you are starving from hunger attack, or looking to travel from one place to another without getting into any kind of hush and efforts- the answer is internet - everything is just one touch away whether it be banking, food, shopping, learning and what not. Big thanks to digitization for making our lives way easier than ever before. Okay, so the first thing here is what exactly this DIGITIZATION is?…show more content…
because now we expect every organization to offer seamless customer experience and serve us digitally. Coming to the reports from various surveys and studies, organizations having a full-fledged digital business model are outperforming and gaining a financial edge over competitors. The growth of such organizations is significantly higher compared to average industrial growth in their domain. So it is a clear win-win for a company that winged digitally. WHY DIGITIZATION IS THE NEXT BIG THING FOR ENTERPRENURE We keep on peeping into our smartphones every now and then because we have become so very addictive to it. Affordable smartphone’s market is tremendously experiencing ‘rising penetration’ along with the internet availability in almost all the corners of the world, which is rapidly enhancing the technology reach out possibilities. Everyone is so dependent on the technology that they want everything just one touch away on their smartphones. And this is where Digitization owns the rest of the…show more content…
It is expected to cross 62% of the end of this year. Middle-class is now capable of almost grabbing to all the deluxe due to advance technology with affordable price. Now smartphones are so cheap that they can easily fit into the pocket of any average or even below average earning individuals. All these parameters will account in the development of a large pool of consumers that can easily afford higher priced as well as a versatile range of products and services. So the entrepreneurs have to keep in mind that the target should not limit to any particular class it should be available on the larger

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