Importance Of Dignity In Nursing

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Dignity is a complex concept but is a central nursing value. Nursing care should be delivered in a way that respects the uniqueness and dignity of each patient regardless of their culture or religion. Dignity can be defined as “Patient dignity is feeling valued and comfortable psychologically with one’s physical presentation and behaviour, level of control over the situation, and the behaviour of other people in the environment” (Baillie , 2007). A patient’s experience in a hospital environment can depend on whether their dignity is promoted or threatened. Dignity can be violated, that is why it demands respect but also at the same time protection. If this dignity is protected and respected it can lead to a better quality of life for the patient which is the main aim of nursing care.

Nurses have a professional responsibility to respects patient’s dignity through dignified care. This type of care can be defined as ‘dignity is the backbone of care’, ‘it’s the “little things”’, ‘feeling safe and secure’, ‘treat as you want to be treated’, ‘treat as an individual’ and ‘Dignity
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An example that stands out for me is when a nurse and I gave a patient with Parkinsons a bed bath. This patient had been suffering from parkinsons for 20 years and needed assistance X 2 for their hygiene needs. To keep this patient’s dignity intact I first ask for the patient’s consent, I then proceeded to wash the patients face in a gentle manner. I ensured that the patient’s body was covered by a towel or clothing if possible to maintain their dignity. I also asked the patient if they felt comfortable throughout the wash or if they needed anything. When the patient was washed and dressed I then brushed their hair to uphold their appearance and make them feel more clean and presentable for any visitors they had. By making the patient feel comfortable and respected throughout this task I promoted and maintained their
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