Direct Democracy In America Essay

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Establishing government is one of the most important inventions develop human beings. As a system to control a state or community, government serves for citizens and put them first. In Homeric Age, the regime of Athens is citizens can go into politics directly, just like governor who wield the supreme power, this kind of regime called Direct Democracy. Be developed in ancient Greece, Direct Democracy helped ancient Greece make tons of achievements in different fields; also laid the fundamental of western political system of modern time. This essay will focus on the reasons of why government is necessary in our society and why Direct Democracy is not fit for modern United States of America, although brought a splendid time for ancient Greece.…show more content…
Because of the Internet, citizens can get more current political information conveniently. There is no limit on number of people, area, time and hierarchy. Widely dispersed and good interaction can attract more people to focus on political news. Nevertheless, media can influence citizens’ view of representatives. People may vote blindly. Besides, not all of people have Internet in the United States. Teledemocracy will lead to a divide between the information rich and information poor. Ultimately, it will make a serious problem of democratic system. Direct Democracy is dangerous if mob rule happens. Therefore, elites who elected by citizens will represent people’s political will. In order to avoid government’s abuses of power, elites carried out constitution to limit the powers of government. That forms a new kind of government, Constitutional Democracy. With such limits, democracy will not destroy itself. Contrary to Direct Democracy, the system of this government is fit for modern states. In a nutshell, government insures people live in a harmonious and stable community. As the developed of technology and society, diversity of governments are suited for different system of countries. Undoubtedly, Representative Democracy is best for the Unites States in view of what I have illustrated
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