Importance Of Direct Method In Language Teaching

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In language teaching, there are many different methods that can be applied by the teacher as a guiding principle. One of many methods to use is Direct method. The direct method of teaching, which is sometimes called the natural method, and is often (but not exclusively) used in teaching foreign languages, refrains from using the learners ' native language and uses only the target language that has been popular since it enables students to communicate in the foreign language. It also as the teaching manner that is used by the teacher directly face to face with the students to give the material in front of the class and it is very easy to make the students understandable to accept the teacher explanation. According to Rivers (1968, s.20) that…show more content…
According to The development of Direct Method with L. Sauveur, stated that “a foreign language could be taught without translation or the use of the learner’s native language if meaning was conveyed directly through demonstration and action”. It is possible to agree about the statement because if meaning that be demonstrate directly by the teacher, automatically student can understand well without translation. Thus, it can encouraged students to speak but not forced and it is not separated in good pronounciation with accuracy and fluency. In this method to enrich students oral communication these symbolic messages are transferred by means of intonation and tone of voice. In intonation means the way that teacher’s pitch of voice raises and falls when speaking and in tone of voice means the teacher implies his or her attitude to the message for students be understand. By two basic communication that teacher do for the students, it can make students imitate what the teacher do to speak and they caan applicate it in the classroom like asking and giving answer or tell their statement or argument be clearly and better. Moreover, Conversational activities hold an important place in this method. Through using language in real contexts, students stand a better chance of thinking, and speaking in the target language To be good in pronounciation, the students have to pay…show more content…
It can be fun of practice where the student can get many creative teaching from the teacher. By teachers’ creativivity, it makes students more interesting because there are so many activity that can be used by the teacher like using mimic real in this case is like pantomim that have meaning so that students can catch what the teachers said. Many fun activities can make student to adaptation and be comfortable about target language which is supported by the easy instruction from the teacher itself. This fun practice activities not only as usual but use visual aids to improve their understanding about the content that they have. By using visual aids it can help the students to reach their objectives by providing emphasis to whatever being said. Not only that, visual aids involve students and require a change from one activity to another from hearing to seeing. There are many visual aids that the teacher use to explain the meaning like realia or picture. It is important if students do not clearly grasp the spoken word, a visual using realia or picture may help the students to better absorb information. So that it can more understandable and it can stimulate interest more easily than words.Then, the instruction that the students get is easy to catch the purpose of the teacher explanation based on the

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