Importance Of Disability In Theatre

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Why should people with disabilities be included in theatre? Disability theatre can give multiple opportunities to people with disabilities. It is not just about combating exclusion, but also to increase one’s creativity, making new friends, discover new talents and build one’s confidence and self-esteem. Enhancing such skills will give people with disabilities the opportunity to increase their independence and self-advocacy. … Theatre promotes inclusion The inclusion for artists with disability in theatre shows equality between artists with and without disability. Drama can give people with disabilities a social life as through drama activities they have the opportunity to make new friends and make social interactions. An ex-drama student says that being included in theatre as a child gave her a safe place away from bullying at school. This safe place helped her make real friends who accept her as she is. When the persons with disability feel that they are being included and accepted by the people around them, they will start accepting their own disability. During drama activities especially when working with mixed-ability students, one should consider working within an open space and creating a circle. One should start the…show more content…
Here is where the importance of eye contact comes in. It was easy when saying the name of the person, as when one hears his name he immediately turns his head and looks. However, it got a little more difficult when we could not say the name as only by eye contact one could communicate and know that the other person is ready to catch the ball. For people with autism such exercises encourages short seconds of eye contact with another person. I feel that this exercise also shows the importance of being ready to receive a message when someone is trying to communicate something with

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