Importance Of Disaster Management

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IMPORTANCE OF DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLAN SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CONCEPT Disaster management plan can be defined as the organization and management of the required resources both human and material, detaining clearly what needs to be done, when how and by whom before, during and after on event occurs capable of causing massive destruction of property and lives Disaster management plan plays an important role in the prompt management of disaster events, also ensuring that normally returns to the area within the shortest possible time. Team of staff responsible for disaster. Management can helps to prevent a disaster from happening; they can assess the particular location for risk factors and advice or task the necessary measures to prevent the massive destruction of lives and properties. Disaster management plan is important in the sense that the trained personnel can carry out timely rescue missions as soon as there is a disaster in order to limit the amount of lives lost and degree of injuries sustained. They team also help to provide relief measures to the disaster victims such as shutter, food, clothes and medicines. As these helps to relief the suffering of the victims. Disaster management plan also incorporate the rehabilitation programme in the areas affected, the team help the victims recover their losses and provide the necessary amenities so that they can resume their normal life within a short period of time. IMPLEMENTATION ACTIVITIES RELATED TO THE CONCEPT Disaster
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