Introduction Of Descipline Essay

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This is a reports on how teachers or either circuit or district can be advised on effective way of improving class discipline and learner performance .This aims cannot be achieved if student are experiencing difficulties in handling the subject matter and student are battling to cope. The reports is based on impacts of discipline and learners performance ,motivation , lack of self-discipline ,placement of young people need to be designed opportunities for learning new skills and create new adventures and establish their own enterprises. Placement of discipline and education, analysis of the problem, how to developed discipline and structures in the school and performance.
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It is good for teachers to know not only that our methods of discipline is theoretically affected and accepted, but also way we execute discipline is pragmatic and achieves the good and preventing and if necessary, checking disruptive behaviour. Educators are advised to prepare themselves for the lessons they need design a lesson plan, also improve on professional work ethics. It was said that according to Calitz (1998:14) and Basset (1997) lack of discipline and respects among educators causes a server barriers to effective teaching and learning in the classroom. Educators must teach and learners must learn and parent must be involved in the education of their own children. Learner’s school must become successful centres of learning. Educators need to come up with variety of methods and strategies in learning. Educators needs to understand all the factors that may help creates a conductive atmosphere which will enable learners to attain good performance in their school passion for learning is to demonstrate by educators and learners in the
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