Importance Of Discipline In Learning Performance

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IMPROVEMENT OF DISCIPLINE IN THE CLASS HELPS IN IMPROVING LEARNERS PERFORMANCE INTRODUCTION This is a reports on how teachers or either circuit or district can be advised on effective way of improving class discipline and learner performance .This aims cannot be achieved if student are experiencing difficulties in handling the subject matter and student are battling to cope. The reports is based on impacts of discipline and learners performance ,motivation , lack of self-discipline ,placement of young people need to be designed opportunities for learning new skills and create new adventures and establish their own enterprises. Placement of discipline and education, analysis of the problem, how to developed discipline and structures in the school…show more content…
PERFORMANCE The learner performance reflects in an achievement. There can be no achievements without performance. It is said that for a child to achieve better results at school, he/ she has to render better performance. For learner to attain good achievement they need to have self-discipline. Student performance has dominated current discussion on educational matters and many believe that the new curriculum is not yet absorbed in school and consequently student implies that every student has the potential to learn and become a responsible citizen if given or conductive atmosphere. A teacher needs to make sure that his/her classroom it is warm and accommodates all the learners no matter their differences. The learning has to be fun so that all learners should feel free and participate in the classroom. Priority skill is needed to ensure success and participate in the country’s growing economy programme should be monitored and evaluated. It is assumed that interventions will, decrease retention rates and lower failure rates and student will be given additional opportunities to master concept which hopefully raise their performance…show more content…
Discipline in the classroom means one confinement within particular parameters so to avoid infringing with other people’s peace. Discipline involves allowing learners the freedom of choice with regards to their own behaviour. When educator conveys this message to learner, they are teaching learning acceptable social norms and standards. This heals learners to preserve discipline and maintain their own in all situations. A teacher must create a learner cantered approach to attain good result. Educators must be aware on how to control ideology and sense of authority and weak sense of authority. My advice to district is bring back the policy of corporal punishment which is the only tool through which discipline can be sustained, most authoritarians feel that corporal punishment is the only tool to pressure discipline. Teachers can make this effective by creating a positive school climate focusing on prevention of behaviour problem. Expectation and consequence should be clear, appropriate and consistent. Fairness, equity and continuous improvement should be

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