Importance Of Discipline In Nursing

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Iffah Nurliyana
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19 March 2017
Trenz Pruca
4321 First Street
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Dear Trenz,
Why is it important to study the discipline of nursing? In this letter, I intend to attempt in answering this question. In contemplation of stating the reasons why, it is crucial to understand what constitutes a discipline. A discipline is generally defined as a branch of study. Disciplines is a unique body of knowledge, a unique perspective or way of viewing something. It defined the boundaries in which we practice. Nurses has to be educationally prepared to base their practice on complex nursing knowledge distinct to the discipline. Nursing as a discipline has interrelated relationships between knowledge, research and nursing practice. I will be discussing more about theses relationships, as these helps to advance the discipline of nursing.
A conversation with Fawcett (2012), a nursing theory expert mentioned that the most important to the survival of the discipline of nursing is an understanding of the nature and structure of nursing knowledge. In addition, she said that nursing knowledge is the first hierarchy. Similarly, an influential nurse, Henderson (1964) said that, “The real depths of nursing can only be made known through ideals, love, sympathy, knowledge and culture, expressed through the practice of artistic procedures and relationships”, and “The nurse has infinite need for knowledge of the
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