Importance Of Discipline In School

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5. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Lack of discipline in our school is a reality. All the stakeholders namely, Principals, Head of Department (HOD), Educators and SGB members are miserable and frustrated on how to instill discipline in schools. This study is going to provide them with guidelines and the strategies on how to handle all those learners who are ill discipline. It is going to indicate various positive methods which educators can adopt to manage discipline without using corporal punishment or infringing the law. Findings will be analysed based on Educational Policies helping the educators, Principals, SGBs and other stakeholders in combating discipline in school environment by empowering them with skills and knowledge on how to discipline learners accordingly. 6. DEFINITION OF TERMS 6.1. CORPORAL PUNISHMENT…show more content…
This includes, but is not limited to, spanking, slapping pinching, padding or hitting a child with an object or ones hand, denying or restricting a child’s use of the toilet, denying meals, drinks, heat and shelter, pushing or pulling a child by force, forcing the child to exercise”. Corporal punishment is a “physical punishment as distinguish from pecuniary punishment or a fine; any kind of punishment of or inflicted on the body” or “the infliction of pain by a teacher or other educational officials upon the body of the student as a penalty for doing something which has been disapproved of by the punisher” (Maree,
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