Importance Of Discipline In The Army

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Discipline is the one thing that immediately comes to mind whenever military service is mentioned. It is the foundation of success as well as the key element of the military structure. Punctuality is the discipline cornerstone. The very first step in mission accomplishment is showing up and starting it in time to meet the planned schedule. The commonly used advice in being successful in military service is to be in the right place on time and in the right uniform. The importance of this is emphasized by the fact that being late is a punitive offense under the UCMJ.( need reference) The United States Army has been around since 14 June 1775. However, the Non-Commissioned Officers’ duties and responsibilities were not standardized until 1778. For the army to function as intended it is critical for Non-Commissioned Officers to be the guardians of the standards and examples of excellence. Non-Commissioned Officers start their career at the very bottom of military ranks and generally possess the most…show more content…
This is a widespread saying used by numerous military leaders to help mold and mentor their soldiers. The true nature of things is not always obvious and it the end what matters is the results of one’s actions. In order to manage the perception, it is essential to anticipate what may occur if the consequences of our carelessness are not considered in making a decision to act a certain way. While intentions have their part in being an effective leader and a good person, there are many more factors that define who we are. At the end of the day it is the result of our actions that determines the success of the organization and fulfillment of our responsibilities. Having good intentions is not enough. The solution to such problem is often as simple as taking a few extra steps in confirming our course of action with trusted individuals with extensive experience, seeking advice, referencing official guidelines such as the unit sop and having a backup
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