Benefits Of Age Discrimination

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I feel as though it is appropriate to discriminate based on age depending on the job. I feel it would be safer for someone that is old not to be working a job that requires a lot of physical demands. I feel like they should not be working unless they absolutely had to. I think that the jobs they should do should be easy sit down jobs, jobs that do not require a lot of demands. I also think that really young people should be discriminated against. I feel that sometimes people apply for jobs at a young age because the pay is good but are not necessarily be qualified to perform the duties of that job. I think that some jobs you should have the experience to do the job before applying. I do realize that you have to get experience from somewhere.…show more content…
THE TERM “EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS,” REFERS TO ALL WRITTEN INQUIRIES ABOUT EMPLOYMENT OR APPLICATIONS FOR EMPLOYMENT OR PROMOTION INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, RÉSUMÉS OR OTHER SUMMARIES OF THE APPLICANT 'S BACKGROUND. IT RELATES NOT ONLY TO WRITTEN PREEMPLOYMENT INQUIRIES, BUT TO INQUIRIES BY EMPLOYEES CONCERNING TERMS, CONDITIONS, OR PRIVILEGES OF EMPLOYMENT AS SPECIFIED IN SECTION 4 OF THE ACT.” (GPO.GOV) (a) Section 4(f)(1) of the Act provides that* * * IT SHALL NOT BE UNLAWFUL FOR AN EMPLOYER, EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, OR LABOR ORGANIZATION * * * TO TAKE ANY ACTION OTHERWISE PROHIBITED UNDER PARAGRAPHS (A), (B), (C), OR (E) OF THIS SECTION * * * WHERE THE DIFFERENTIATION IS BASED ON REASONABLE FACTORS OTHER THAN AGE * * *.(b) No precise and unequivocal determination can be made as to the scope of the phrase “differentiation based on reasonable factors other than age.” Whether such differentiations exist must be decided on the basis of all the particular facts and circumstances surrounding each individual situation.(c) When an employment practice uses age as a limiting criterion, the defense that the practice is justified by a reasonable factor other than age is unavailable.(d) When an employment practice, including a test, is claimed as a basis for different treatment of employees or applicants for employment on the grounds that it is a “factor other than” age, and such a practice has an adverse impact on individuals within the protected age group, it can only be justified as a business necessity. Tests which are asserted as “reasonable factors other than age” will be scrutinized in accordance with the standards set forth at part 1607 of this title.(e) When the exception of “a reasonable factor other than age” is raised against an individual claim of discriminatory treatment, the employer

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