Importance Of Dismissal In Employment

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Question 1
A dismissal should not only be done for four reasons but should be affected in accordance of the four procedure of section 188
The Labour relations Act together with the code of good practice, Dismissal dos provide some set of guidelines for employees to follow them in order to guide them before dismissing an employee.
For the dismissal to be fair, the employer should determine whether the employee has failed to meet the certain requirements needed for performance.
Is the employee aware of the performance standards that where required. E.g. Employees should set realistic performance targets for employees and provide them with the resources necessary to meet these targets.
Is the dismissal an appropriate sanction that has been made
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E.g. Due to the unrealistic nature of targets, the employee’s dismissal was substantively unfair.
The LRA places a good and important emphases to resolve disputes in good time through conciliation as a first step between the relationship of employment in the workplace
Labour court deals with unresolved issues through conciliation and ensure if the dismissal was substantively fair and the employer must have a fair reason for dismissal which will be required always.

1.2. Training, development and education are remedies for the issues in the organization in order to be to be contributed to support the poor performance in organization.

There are steps to be followed in order to use this strategies wise.
Step1-Identify training and development
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If an employee turn his or her back on the wheel slowly fall of
They lack training or knowledge and they become unable to perform tasks
The employee is not suited to the job
They are simply poor performance in anything they do
Steps of remedies
Ensuring that staff members knows what to do and that he or she has the skills resources and tools to do the job
Ensuring the staff members understands your expectations with respect for poor performance
Exploring the possible of the being of staff personal problems ,health problems or some other factors
Providing workable solutions and identity and support requirements where are

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