Importance Of Diversity In Australia

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Martin Luther King had a dream when he said these words. A dream, which if it were to become a reality, would lead to a greater society with a higher respect for its diverse and multicultural population. Although Martin Luther King was an American and his speech was referring to America, Australia could greatly benefit if these dreams were to become reality. Diversity and multiculturalism are vital and valuable aspects of our Australian culture. The multicultural population of Australia contributes to our society and helps to shape our nation 's identity. By promoting and nurturing multiculturalism within Australia, we can build a more dynamic, more inclusive society that fosters the health and prosperity of all its citizens. By sharing and respecting our histories and our dreams, we gain a greater understanding of the human race, and develop stronger relationships with many other people, which will only aid in breaking through the barriers between the thousands of different cultures present in the Australian society, the Australian society to which we are all proud to belong. Think about this.....without cultural diversity, where would Australia be? What would our nation be like? I don 't think that any one can answer these questions. Australia has been comprised of people from all different backgrounds and histories since the First Fleet arrived in Sydney Cove in 1788. Even before the arrival of the First Fleet, the Aboriginal people were comprised of hundreds of different

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