Importance Of Diversity In Equality

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It had been a wrecked world all along since the World War I until now. They say, the world is in peace. Modernization has fixed them all. But why there is still war? Are they so selfish in fighting for their own races, that they forget the fact that they are all human. Races, in which means each of the major division of humankind based on particular physical characteristic. We should live in harmony, which is to live together without fighting or disagreeing with each other. Diversity in races is more to the culture and the religion of the races itself. Among the races in the world, there must be various of traditional and modern cultures also various religions such as Islam mostly for Malays and Indonesian, Buddhism for Chinese, Christ for the Americans and so on. Although the people have their own religion, not all of them represent their religion. This means that religion is not assembled by races. Chinese could be Muslims and Indians could be Buddhist. So, everybody are free to hold to whatever religion that grabbed their interest. Diversity in races has many importance to us. Firstly, we will gain unity among ourselves and a harmony life within races will be a reality, not only an unreachable dream. Thus, our bond between people from other races will be stronger. So, all people in the world will live in safety because there will be no war among ourselves. People will live in peace and this is because of the acceptance of the diversity in races makes them unite. Apart of
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