Importance Of Diversity In School

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Diversity in society is essential in this world. There are people from different ethnicity, race, religion, socioeconomic status, language and so on. Besides, they do have their own traditions, habits, beliefs and customs. It depends on whether school should endeavor to promote a common culture or help the diverse group to develop their own culture. Therefore, when curriculum developers plan the curriculum content, they need to consider all of these factors. In the traditional societies, education is processed through ceremonies, rituals, stories and observation. On the other hand, children start the educational processes at home in the modern societies and parents are the best teachers for them. Yet, school will take over the responsibility as they become older. School becomes an essential…show more content…
A school is not only a place of formal learning, but also served as a place of social learning. As we all know, school is an institution that fulfills the needs of society. It promotes the cultural heritage to the new generation. Students interact with each other. They can get a different perspective of things. Thus, school provides them with a better understanding for interpersonal relationship. Besides, school is a miniature society. It reflects all qualities of the society. The everyday social interaction prepares students for life in the society. They will learn how to accustom with the society. Furthermore, school should seek the co-operation of the society by taking two-way traffic activities. It should educate not only the children, but throw open its doors to the members of the society too. The school provides books and also eradicates the literacy in order to enter into the depths of society. Also, school provides leader and reformers. By providing good leaders and reformers, school leads the society towards the social change. It prepares the members of the society to accept the

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