Importance Of Diwali

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In the absence of family and home, Indian students of Malaysia has come to welcome Diwali in their own way.

Known as the world’s largest democracy, India is ample in cultural heritage and is also known as the land of festivals. India celebrates various festivals every month in one or different parts of the country. The whole country unites while celebrating the festivals disregard of region, religion, caste and color. The pièce de résistance of Indian festivals is Diwali. It is the equivalent to what Christmas means to the Americans. Indians from other countries join in the festivity too.

Diwali is celebrated to signify the triumph of good over evil. Welcomed with rows of lamps called diyas and decoration, it is believed that this day brings a lot of prosperity into the home. Thus, it is celebrated in full spirits by all devotees. The diyas welcome the god Rama and his wife, Sita back from the forest where he was exiled for 14 years by his horrid stepmother to stop him from becoming ruler. The festivity begins with cleaning and buying new things for the home, new traditional clothing for the family, making delicious and savory sweets, gifting one another, bursting firecrackers and completing the day with pooja (offerings and prayers to God) in the evening. The pooja helps one to connect with the spiritual self. It is the perfect way to usher in the Indian new year.
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That is because plane tickets have become more expensive. To put it simply, the students have been taking the brunt of the effects of the economic downturn. Students have to cut down on flying home more often, especially during the festivities whereby more people take flights to go home to celebrate the important festival with their loved ones. After a few years of studying abroad, Malaysian Indian students have become their own expert in celebrating Diwali miles away from their families and home

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