Importance Of Doors In A House

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One of the building components is door. Door is a movable, usually solid barrier for opening and closing an entranceway. There are ten doors in our single storey residential building. Firstly is front door. As for the front door, the type of door used is framed and paneled door. This type of door can be of single or double shutter, yet we used single shutter for our front door. The frame for the door is made of wood while the shutter panels is made of solid timber. There are a few factors on why we chose framed and paneled door for our front door. One of the factors is they are hard and strong so, they are very suitable for exterior doors. Other than they are more elegance and natural beauty, these panel doors typically require less maintenance.…show more content…
They can be left or right opening depending on our preference and space. We used solid timber for the doors’ material. The reasons we chose hinged door for our bedrooms doors are because they are low in maintenance, easily customized, plentiful and affordable. Thirdly, there is one sliding door in our house located in family’s living room. The sliding door used is bypass sliding. These doors are very popular in residential buildings for aesthetic considerations. They move along the metal fitted into their frames at the top and bottom and they often have plastic rollers attached to the top and bottom or bottom only to ease their movement. We chose sliding door because they are pretty easily cleaned and maintained. Other than that, it is energy efficiency as it offers optimal thermal insulation; effectively acting as a weather and sound barrier. Great glazing is also one of the factor we chose sliding door. As for bathroom doors, we decided to use swing door. The shutter is fitted to its frame by special double action hinges. Due to the nature of humidity and moisture of the bathroom, the door frame is made of aluminium. This is because, it is water-resistant, rustproof, light and low

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