Importance Of Doping In Sports

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1. Yes, I believe that sporting events play huge roles in the contribution to unifying a nation because, sport acts as a surface for human interaction. People all around the world from all different walks of life, backgrounds and beliefs can still come together in supporting or discussing sports and sporting events. Most people on the world can relate to sports and it can become the topic of anyone conversation especially since a love for sport is one most people have in common. We have seen through many sporting events around the world, how it bring nations together, to unify as one, all supporting and cheering a common love, interest and goal.

2.1. Image 1 - The 1995 Rugby World Cup,
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Drug testing is justified as school level but to a certain point. It should only be done to people participating in sports and are truly suspected of doping. It is still a infringement of rights but in order to try eradicate doping in sports, it must be confronted at an early stage.

2.3. No, if people have committed themselves to sport where doping of any sort is not allowed, there is no excuse or circumstance to do so. Once the sportsman can no longer compete naturally they must stop rather then stay and dope. By doping they are breaking the rules of the sport and the law, thus making it a criminal offense and lying about it makes the situation worse and is also illegal to lie in some circumstances.

2.4. Some sports are more prone to doping because they may require slightly more physical power then other sports or more endurance. For example, a sport such as rugby and American football demand physicality and usually the stronger the better therefor people in these sports would be more likely to dope when compare to other sports such as soccer where most of the athletes are smaller anyway and play 90 minute games which are physically bearable by natural people. Another sport very prone to doping is cycling, usually the long distance races such as the Tour de France which has become notorious for having people doping in it. This is because it is possibly the hardest endurance race in the world and only a very limited, elite few people can achieve finishing the
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Doping negatively effects the credibility of the athlete and the country he/she is representing because it shows a possible lack of governance by sporting officials and coaches who have the responsibility of drug testing, therefore the country is negatively effected. The athletes whole reputation becomes tarnished and the athlete can no longer be trusted. Even if the athlete admits to doping but says he only did it one year and the rest were natural, people tend to find it hard to believe them and these athletes betrayed the trust of supporters. They go from famous hero to infamous villain.

3a. Lance Armstrong became a sporting role model to millions due to him overcoming some extreme challenges, this being his cancer and the treatments used to help fight the disease. He not only fought this battle himself, he started the live strong charity which helps millions of cancer patients all over the world, he helped with all different kinds of health issues and gave large amounts of money to these charities. After battling though all these odds, Armstrong still managed to win one of the hardest endurance races in the world which demands more physical power then most other
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