Importance Of Drama Activities

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1.1.Drama activities: Drama activities are fantastic imaginary games that will make children and also adults eager towards learning English. Today language teaching has moved towards a "whole person" approach that could put the learner at the center of learning process .Drama activities have very important roles in these process, and provide a safe environment and more practice to confront with the unpredictable nature of language. Drama activities are considered as practice for socialization so in this case not only the language develops but also social skills in communication will be practiced. Drama activities in the classroom are divided into: Dramatization, and roleplaying. 1.1.1Dramatization: Dramatization method involves a range of techniques for teaching foreign languages, so it is a modern social technique and a kind of role-playing that apply two ways: by transformation of monologue into a dialogue or by staging a one-act play based on literary work. Dramatization was first used in England, Peter Slade and Brian Way first used this technique at school. Dramatization in language learning improves language and speak skills and gives a deeper understanding in other areas as literature and psychology. Some activities in dramatization method involves: using legends, tales &plays, that in these events learners act out exactly what is written in a script. Dramatization and Role-Play can be practiced

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