Dramatization In English Language Essay

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1.1.Drama activities: Drama activities are fantastic imaginary games that will make children and also adults eager towards learning English. Today language teaching has moved towards a "whole person" approach that could put the learner at the center of learning process .Drama activities have very important roles in these process, and provide a safe environment and more practice to confront with the unpredictable nature of language. Drama activities are considered as practice for socialization so in this case not only the language develops but also social skills in communication will be practiced. Drama activities in the classroom are divided into: Dramatization, and roleplaying. 1.1.1Dramatization:…show more content…
One study conducted to clarify the effects of dramatization in foreign language classes at a private Japanese university, students who participate in this study memorize and recite dialogues in their text books. In the final term students were asked to write a script for a short drama and act out the play in front of the class. They were supposed to think about the characteristics of the drama characters and write a script about them, made some grammatical corrections in their scripts, then learners played the short drama they created in front of the class. All of the learners had an active involvement in creating a new story with sense of humor, therefore the class had a spirited and friendly atmosphere and students seemed to quite enjoy writing a script inventively instead of just memorizing the dialogues in the textbook. Result showed that even in short drama activity, error correction would not diminish the creativity of the learners, and even though students knew that their script would be corrected, they do not pay attention to the development of stories and remained creative without having too much fear of getting their scripts grammatically

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