Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Class Officer

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“Free time? What’s that?” I jokingly asked a friend mid-winter. I was a member of six clubs in high school and it was peak activity season, meaning I stayed after school every day and occasionally until eleven o’clock pm. Although I was very busy in high school with all these clubs, I truly enjoyed participating in all of them and they helped me build confidence in my leadership abilities. I was able to empower myself through Drama Club, Femineus Vocalis, Reading Olympics, Multicultural Club, and Student Government, but most influentially through Class Activities Club where I served as an officer for my class. Even though I was eventually voted out of office, my experience helping my class activities – even when I was not a class officer – helped empower me to be more self-confident.…show more content…
I went all out, making several different posters and hung them all around school. However, I ended up losing that election. I failed to realize I was running against a very popular classmate – and just like any election, it was merely a popularity contest. It devastated me, but I did not give up quite yet. I continued to actively participate in the club and decided to run again for office the following year. The end of Freshman year brought elections for class officers for the sophomore year. This time, I ran for treasurer. I was up against the incumbent, who did not do any of his duties that year, and a girl I barely knew. Considering my social standings at the time, I figured I would lose again. However, much to my surprise, I won the election. I was empowered by every meaning of the word. Given this literal position of power, I became more confident in myself. I felt like I had a purpose and was actually making a difference in the
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