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Drawing is a useful diagnostic tool because it is cheap, easy to use and is an excellent form of non-verbal communication that allows a child to express her/his inner-most thoughts, emotions, and motivations. Psychologists refer to children’s drawings as tools for diagnosis because they provide a general indicator of the development and skills of children. Drawings, as tools for diagnosis, allow psychologists to understand how children think and the types of difficulties and hurdles they encounter with other children as well as adults. Children’s drawings are therefore useful in the context of determining what steps can be undertaken in order to resolve these kinds of hurdles. One reason why a medium of non-verbal communication, such as drawing is a useful tool for diagnosis has been described in a recent study by Lev-Wiesel and Liraz (2006), in which the richness of the verbal narrative of drawings by Israeli children was recorded. The purpose of the…show more content…
When analyzing an HFD, Koppitz (1968, 1983, 1984) suggested the following guidelines were to be kept in mind. Firstly, there was no single emotional indicator that could be used a basis for measuring or evaluating a child’s behavior or emotional status. This is because there are several emotional indicators that a psychologist must look out for while analyzing a child’s drawings. A child’s drawing may contain several hidden nuances, which may only be apparent when all emotional indicators are considered. For example, in a study conducted in Turkey; the researchers studied several emotional indicators in a sample of girls and boys; aged between five years and six years from the Central Bolu region in Turkey. In the category of Shyness and Timidity, it was reported that 54,1% of 5-year-old boys and 53,2% of 6-year-old boys omitted the nose in their figures. Among

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