A Personal Experience In Treasure Island

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Dream Vacation Jim Hawkins from the book “Treasure Island,” is going on a cruise around the Caribbean because of his sense of adventure, and the thousands of explorable islands within the Caribbean.

Day 1
7:00 AM Wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, and then grab a suitcase and start to pack up. Grab enough clothing to last 5 days, and some formal shirts for higher end restaurants. Also bring swimwear, since the ship has a swimming pool.
9:00 AM Grab your bags and your ticket, then drive to the bus station and wait for the bus to take you to port where you will board the cruise ship.
11:30 AM While boarding the ship find out your room number and grab the room key. Then go to your room and unpack your bags, and set up your room.
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7:00 PM Reboard the ship, take a shower, change your clothes to something nice, enjoy a nice meal and one of the late night performances around the ship.
12:00 AM Go back to your room and get some sleep.
Day 4
10:30 AM Wake up, get dressed, find a place to eat breakfast.
11:30 AM Sit out on the deck, look out over the ocean, and maybe look for some marine life down below.
1:30 PM Find a lunch buffet and enjoy some food, then go put on a bathing suit and enjoy the pool.
5:00 PM After enjoying the pool and the sun, dry up and get into some nice clothes for dinner at the ship's highest end restaurant.
7:00 PM Once dinner is over, walk around and enjoy all the little fun amenities there are all around the cruise ship.
10:00 PM Head back to the room, and get some rest because the ship is heading back to port, and will arrive tomorrow afternoon.
Day 5
8:00 AM Get up, take a final shower, get dressed, and go get breakfast.
9:30 AM After breakfast head back up to the room and pack up all of the clothes and toiletries that you brought.
11:00 AM Return the room key since you are packed up and the ship will be arriving in port
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