Importance Of Drill In The Marine Corps

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The Marine Corps has many traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. As a Non-Commissioned Officer it is my responsibility to keep those traditions alive and pass those traditions on to my junior Marines so they too can continue on with our heritage and pass those traditions down to their Marines. One tradition that is mostly forgotten by Marines after they graduate boot camp is practicing drill. I know my unit is guilty of not setting aside time to practice this tradition along with so many other units within the Marine Corps. I feel that drill is a tradition that needs to be practiced more not only in my unit but Marine Corps wide. I will accomplish this by sharing with Marines the importance of practicing drill, holding small unit leaders accountable, and provide monthly drill competitions within the unit. One of the first questions I hear from Marines when they are told to go practice drill is “why?” and the answer they get is usually along the lines of “we have a ceremony coming up” or “we have an inspection coming up” and those types of answers leave Marines with the wrong impression on drill and why it is actually important to practice. Marines rarely go out on their own and practice drill or take the time to teach their junior Marines…show more content…
No one is taking responsibility in ensuring that all Marines are familiar with drill and know how to properly conduct it. In the article “What You Can Do About Drill” the author states that this is a Marine Corps issue and it is not just an issue of enlisted Marines but officers alike. We as Non Commissioned Officers need to take responsibility and set the example for all Marines. Setting the example makes other Marines take notice of your initiative and responsibility. They will emulate you and what you are doing with your Marines thus resurfacing this lost and forgotten

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