The Importance Of Drilling To Success

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Drilling To Success

Everyone aspires to be something in life. Whether the opportunity is present or not depends on the individual. Looking up to those who we think worthy of their success can make us wonder what steps they took in order to get to where they are now. We question their childhood, the diligent steps they took, frequently forgetting the opportunities awarded to them. We occasionally assume that all these coincidences that occur are simply coincidences and we leave them at that. But there is always somethings. Passion, dedication and devotion, determine the outcome of your success.

Passion can make or break you. It develops self-motivation to do the things you love most. It is also the aspect which allows the individual to benefit from their job. Scott Coster, an instrument, controls, and automation engineer believes, “what makes a person genuinely good at something is ingrained curiosity in the pursuit.” He was very interested in mechanics and electronics at a young age before he even knew engineers existed. Coming from a family of blue collar laborers, Scott was the first in his family to not only attend college but to also
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You will not progress in any circumstance and will subsequently fail. In Scotts case, he has a love for the outdoors and is lucky enough to have a two week on, two week off rotation for his job which allows him to pursue his devotion for engineering whilst making plans to go out and explore once he gets home. With that being said, if one wants a family it takes a special couple to make a rotational schedule work for the long term. Scott explained that he highly recommend “seeking rotational work early in a career to enjoy all the benefits and then maybe move to a 9-5 job later in a career if pursuing a family becomes the priority.” This way, one can do a lot of travel and exploration while young and scale back later in life when travel and adventures become less of a

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