Importance Of Driving Cycle

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A driving cycle is a speed-time profile designed to represent a real-world driving pattern for particular region. In the language of layman, it is just the representation of road inside the laboratory. The length of driving cycle varies from 2 minutes to 30 minutes around the world. The duration of the cycle is limited by testing cost of the vehicle. Hundreds of driving cycles are developed for different regions of the world to calculate the emissions and fuel consumption [1]. It is required to perform the chassis dynamometer test to calculate the emissions and fuel consumption of a vehicle. During a dynamometer test, a vehicle follows a specific speed-time trace. The emissions and energy consumption are recorded during the test. A trained driver is required to perform the test on the chassis dynamometer and driving aid is provided to the driver. Dyno driver accelerates and brakes the vehicle to match the speed profile on the driver’s aid.
Different parts of the world are having different driving conditions. Driving patterns and traffic conditions differ from city to city and from region to region. Driving cycles developed for one region is not fit for the other region to calculate the emissions and fuel consumption. The driving conditions varies from place to place or from public transportation such as buses to private vehicles. Many vehicle parameters like model, size, fuel type, mileage and operational parameters like speed,
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