Importance Of Drug Control

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Section 1: Governance of Drug Control and Regulation
1. The Importance of Drug Control and Regulation
The regulation of drugs plays a central role in assuring the safety of lives, restoration of health, and prevention of disease and epidemics. This can be done through ensuring provision of safe, efficacious and quality drugs through an effective mechanism. The need for regulation arises in the import, acquisition, production, distribution and export of drugs. The aim is to achieve a desirable standard of availability, accessibility, affordability, along with quality, and the provision of accurate and appropriate information to the public. [1]
Drug control and regulation addresses many problems related to the safety and quality of drugs. These issues are recurrent in all developed and developing countries. There have been many incidents of tragic accidents. For instance, in the USA, a cholesterol medicine developed by Bayer called Baycol was recalled after it was found to be the primary cause of death in at least 31 cholesterol patients. In Pakistan, in the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) medicine disaster in Lahore, in January 2012, the use of the spurious drug Isotab caused more than 200 deaths. Recently, a meeting chaired by CM Shahbaz Sharif found that several government hospitals were using unregistered cardiac stents; a practice which could be fatal for patients. In a similar case in Panama, over 350 people died after consuming toxic cough syrup. Such cases are

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