Importance Of Drug Testing In Sport

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1) Yes, when a nation supports their sports teams or individual athletes it brings them a sense of national pride. When the whole nation is focused on winning the sporting event it brings racial and cultural groups, families, friends and strangers together.
2.1) Image 2 – At Ellis Park Stadium on 24 June 1995 Rugby world cup final, South Africa won and Francois Pienaar shook Nelson Mandela’s hand.
Image 3 – 2010 Soccer world cup hosted by South Africa (Bafana-Bafana)
Image 4 – July 29, 2012 London Olympics, Cameron Van Der Burgh won the first gold medal for South Africa in the 100 meter breaststroke swimming event and broke both the world and Olympic record.
2.2) Image 2 – This was the first rugby world cup for post
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2.2) Yes, drug testing is justified at school level because the teenagers at school they are involved in highly competitive sports at school in comparison to the professional sporting events. Contact sports such as rugby are already dangerous for adolescents and if they use doping method then it would be more harmful to the other team mates or opponents.
2.3) No, because the sportsmen would not want to intentionally harm their health and body. Secondly if the person is a true sportsman then he would not want to cheat and play unfairly against his opponents.
• Certain sport events are about being well known, reputation, ego and status.
• Some sports need the sportsmen to have specific strength and endurance in order to be successful in the sporting event such as contact
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Not only did he survive cancer but he also started up the live strong foundation aimed to support cancer patients and research into cures. After that he returned to win the Tour De France 7 times. This is when he became the record holder for the most wins in the Tour De France sporting event. He had such determination and courage that people couldn’t help but admire him and his heroic achievements. Unfortunately, Lance Armstrong was found guilty of blood doping. defines blood doping as “a procedure in which an athlete is injected with erythropoietin, his or her own blood, or the blood of a family member prior to competition, purportedly increasing the blood's oxygen-carrying capacity as a result of the addition of red blood cells.” This gave him an unfair advantage over his opponent which allowed him to successfully win the Tour De France 7 times. I believe that he will be remembered for the disappointing moments in his life because he has not been able to restore his reputation. Another reason for this is because most people remember the most recent incidents and fallen moments in a role model or celebrity’s life. People expected more of Lance due to his remarkable reputation before his
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