Importance Of Drums In Things Fall Apart

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Questions: 5. Drums are used as communication tools for the clans and villages. They allow quick and effective communication that is understood by everyone because “one of the things every man learned was the language of the hollowed-out wooden instrument” (120). These make sure that everyone in the villages can understand a message. This inclusion of everyone creates a sense of unity throughout the village. The drums are described as “the pulsation of [the village’s] heart” (44). A heart is central to the human body and it cannot function without a heart. This is a metaphor showing that the village cannot function without the drums. They create a sense of union in the villages and serve the purpose to show the reader how the different people in the villages are connected. 6. Some stories in the novel are used to show the reader common themes and ideas in Ibo culture. One example of this is…show more content…
It is highly praised to have many children, preferably boys, and not being able to have children is not encouraged in the society. Once they have children, some wives are only called by their children’s names. An example is Okonkwo’s first wife is never named and is instead referred to as “Nwoye’s mother” (79). She has had many children, which is considered an accomplishment, but she is not given recognition in society for it, instead her name is taken away. Also, when women are unable to have children it is detrimental to their personal wellbeing because if they can’t do the one thing they can be praised for in society they feel worthless. This is shown as Ekwefi gives up hope of having children and allows her bitterness to flow “inwards into her own soul” (79). This shows that women’s role in Ibo society is limited to having children and if they are unable to have children it causes then great pain and agony because they consider themselves
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