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The significance of e-commerce will vary between the businesses and organisations in terms of how the customers will adopt to this in the different types of marketplaces. The adaption to e-commerce will be different for individuals and business. The e-commerce transactions can be either buy–side or sell–side transactions. Buy–side e-commerce transactions exist between the organisation and its suppliers. Sell–side e-commerce transactions will exist between the organisation and its customers. There are various platforms that can be used and these platforms can be classified into specific groups based on the sales scenarios.
The first of these is Business–to–Consumer (B2C). In this model, the organisation will sell its online goods to the customers.
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In retail there is a number of applications available. Electronic Retailing (e-tailing) is the selling on retail goods over the Internet. This is a natural extension of the services that was delivered on the Internet. This is very much synonymous with B2C transactions. Most of these environments will contain an electronic cart and a shopping cart model. Cybermall is a single website that offers different products and services all in the same location. Amazon is also a good example of this one stop type site. These sites will attract the customers and sellers into one particular virtual space.
Collecting data on the behaviour, preferences, needs and purchasing habits of customers is possible through web and e-commerce technology. This is essential is helping the organisation to understand their customers. This will help with marketing activities like fixing the price of the products, negotiations, enhancing the product features and building a better relationship with the
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When these SME’s can overcome their technological, environmental, organisational and managerial inadequacies. The implication is that e-commerce are becoming a more and more essential tool for organisations. It plays a vital part in gaining a competitive advantage and opening up global markets. The open standards that exist on the Internet means that the gap between small and large organisations will be reduced. It might introduce very unique opportunities for SME to avoid paying tariffs and paying

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