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This paper describes the need of e-learning in today’s globalised world. In this era of science and technology, it has effected every side of our life. The revolution in the field of information techonoly has connected the world sharply. In today’s time when most of students cannot able to take regular classes , It has extend the classroom according to the need of learner. E-learning provides the chance of learning anytime,anywhere,with portable medium like computer, laptop, palmtop, notebook,and hi-tech mobiles. In India where most of the young man who are working cannot attend regular classes, now they can
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E-learning involves Web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classroom opportunities and digital collaboration. In this new technology the Content and study material is delivered through internet, audio-visual aids It can be self-paced or instructor-led and includes media in the form of text, image, animation, streaming video and audio.” “e-Learning is Internet-enabled learning. Components can include content delivery in multiple formats, management of the learning experience, and a networked community of learners, content developers and experts. e-Learning provides faster learning at reduced costs, increased access to learning, and clear accountability for all participants in the learning process. In today 's fast-paced culture, organizations that implement e-Learning provide their work force with the ability to turn change into an advantage.” – Cisco Systems…show more content…
The learner can study in late night also which is not possible in traditional classroom teaching.

Cost effective :- E-learning is a cost effective technology which is developed by professionals and it can provide access to multiple learners from different regions across the country through internet.

Contain updated quickly :- It is updated time to time so the information is international standard and learner can get international standard education without much efforts.

Provide information about new Educational Approaches :- Learner can learn new educational approaches and share ideas with experts thus it provide exchange the ideas worldwide.

Useful rural students :- In India much of rural students are not able to get higher education due to economic, family problems, distance problem. Now they can get low cost education with immediate feedback by experts. They can also share their ideas worldwide through social networking sites like wiki,twitter, facebook, orkut
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