Essay On Eating Right And Exercising

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All my life, I have heard that eating right and exercising is important for our body, but I hardly ever learnt anything related to taking care of our mental health. It is indeed very essential for us to eat healthy, though I believe that having positive mental health is equally important too. Most of us here desire to lead a healthy and a balanced life, even if we say or not. Well, who would even want to suffer from superfluous health problems or stress about worthless things all day long? A healthy and balanced lifestyle is not only about dieting and exercising; but also about taking responsibilities of your decisions and making smart choices for today and future. Here, I will be sharing 2 main tips with you, which I am sure can help you lead a healthy and a balanced life. So let’s start with the major tip 1. Tip 1 is all about taking good care of you, your own self. And it…show more content…
Eliminating junk food from life is very hard, I know, but you can eat less. You can still eat your favourite chips or ice-creams but maximum twice a week, no more than that. I will suggest you to not to be harsh with yourself in terms of eating healthy, this way you will lose the temptation to continue leading a healthy life. Now let’s move on to exercising. For exercising, it is all about moving your body. You don’t really have to go to gym; instead you can go for a walk for at least 45 minutes to make sure that you are burning the extra calories. (Who would even want to work out after such a busy day? Too tiring and you may lose the motivation soon.) But you can go for a walk every day, because walking does not only help you burn calories but also helps in keeping your mind fresh and reducing stress. Do something that you would like to do, not something that you force yourself to do, otherwise you won’t stick with it for

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