The Importance Of Eating

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The world kosher means suitable and pure, so to eat kosher is definitely to eat healthy and clean. These laws seem to have been intended to test the people's obedience, as Adam was forbidden to eat of the tree of knowledge, to teach them self-denial, and how to govern their appetites. In addition, the Israelites way of eating will keep them distinct from other nations. It was proved that many of these forbidden animals were unhealthy. One of the first rules of eating kosher is “. It means to never mix meat and dairy product together, or even to use the same kitchen utensils for both, but also to never put them together in the same table, and definitely never eat the at the same time. According to the The kosher Renaissance . In addition, Jewish…show more content…
The restriction is clearly set . In addition, these rules exclude non-fish marine creatures, such as crustaceans and sea cucumbers. We can understand this rule because seafood and especially non-fish marine creature go rotten easily. For the meat jewish people have other rule to respect; this rule is clearly set in this cotation: ‘‘The beauty and purity of we are embodied doubly in the body of the people and in the food that represents them, and, conversely, the undesirable qualities of the other are embodied in their foods and food way.’’( Rosenblum, Jordan, p23). I understand from this quote that Jewish should eat just clean meat which means the animals who does not eat all what they found near to them( cette partie en parle du port mais j ai rien su ecrire helppp me). . The people were taught to make distinctions between the holy and unholy in their daily life. The law forbid, not only the eating of the unclean beasts, but the touching of them. Jewish must be careful to near to impure beasts to avoid all temptation. According to the laws of the Torah, to be eaten, a kosher species must not be just pure but also to be slaughtered by a "Schochet," a ritual…show more content…
They refuse to put on themselves what is considered to be a major public or external sign (and symbol) of orthodox feminine identity”(YADGAR, YAACOV, p360). All Orthodox Jewish women clothing will be in common with the fact that it covers the body from the neckline till the knee. While there are huge differences in dress code from modern-orthodox Jewish women to ultra-orthodox Jewish women, they both won't expose their body parts besides their face and hands. Modern-orthodox Jewish women might also expose the bottom part of their legs sometimes. The suggestion that first’s women did was to not wear that pant and instead to wear long skirts because skirts oppositely to pants did not show all the form of the body’s women but also the other reason is that it is immodest for a woman that her legs be seen.. To illustrate more I took a quotation from Gender, Religion, And Feminism: The Case Of Jewish Israeli Traditionalists “The orthodox woman’s first suggestion related to dress—she suggested that Liat commit to not wearing pants, which are considered immodest by the orthodox, and instead wear long skirts.” (YADGAR, YAACOV, p36). There is a biblical, which forbids to men to wear any female garments and prohibits women to wear any clothing designated and designed for men. Pants are considered clothing designed for men only, and women
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