The Study Of Geography Essay

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Geography is one of the most important subjects that are taught ever since the primary classes. It consists of the study of our planet, its climatic conditions, the various landforms on Earth and the different natural occurrences. It also includes the spatial analysis of human and natural phenomena, the exploration of earth sciences and the study of the relationship between nature and human life. The study of geography includes the analysis of social, economic, and environmental processes that affect nature. There is a big necessity to learn about these aspects and to have a knowledge of our Earth, so having an education in this field is crucial. The job of physical geographers is to study the “the physical aspects of the surface of the planet, such as landforms, glaciers, atmospheric and hydrological phenomena, and natural hazards, and how they influence populations”, while human geographers work on human cultures and their characteristics (economic and political). Working together, a human and a physical geographer can study “humanity's interactions with the environment”. What does a geographer do? Physical geographers analyze physical features of the landscape and natural environment. For instance: “they may map the locations of glaciers, and study how their meltwaters affect the human…show more content…
From a macroeconomic point of view, the example is the international financial markets is, mainly, a “coalition of interests” whose goal is to understand the “construction of time in international finance”. On the other hand, from a microeconomic analysis, the theory of the firm is a relevant example. The firm has the competence to maintain and adapt in a dynamic competitive environment. Economic geographers have always contributed with information on this environment, which was very useful to the economic
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