Importance Of Ecotourism Essay

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3.0 Importance of maintaining ecotourism in Malaysia

Ecotourism must be maintained for future generation, so in order to maintain the ecotourism, awareness on cultural preservation and awareness of natural preservation were implemented to people. These steps are to ensure that the tenth plan can be a reality.

3.1 Create awareness on cultural preservation

Many visit administrators bring travelers to visit the locals village despite the fact that is not a necessity. Peaceful harmony can be irritated by travelers’ arrival and actions. The locals were afraid that the visitors would disturb the cultural preservation like making the women feel uneasy because women have more negative observation about tourists than men, improper attire shown
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Locals should support the organization to help control the coming of visitors and also can fence up their lands as preservation sites. Revenue generated from ecotourism can be allocated into the organization fund that help protect the natural environment. People should know the things that need to be done to sustain the conservation at any places. Community should be protecting the ecosystem instead of only focusing on generating money from ecotourism, maintaining the natural habitats and communities and maintaining large conservation areas.

4.3 Benefits and risk of ecotourism to environment

Environment of natural parks can be affected by the actions of the people. For instance, when they visited national park, they will bring with them packed foods and beverages in to the a park. Visitors will simply throw rubbishes everywhere and it will cause the pollution of the environment. The more visitors come and the more beverages they bought, it will worsen the environment. This will affect the income of the national park if there were no actions taken into considerations to clean the polluted environment. Environment can change the perspective of an individual about the national
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