Importance Of Education A Privilege

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A controversial topic of education, whether it is a right or a privilege, remains highly disputed till this day. Viewing education as a right sets many peoples’ perspectives astray from its original intention, helping children from poor families to attend school. The right of an education is often viewed as an obligation and not a need to compete in the world to survive. Moreover, as a right, education is frequently taken for granted. On the other hand, the privilege of an education creates a burdensome fee for many poor families, causing a rise of many illiterates. However, education as a privilege is often deeply cherished compared to a right. Education is an important aspect of life; therefore, education should be easily attained by the majority as a right, however, a higher degree of education should be a privilege.
Education, gaining of knowledge and skill, defines what a person’s future would be. Parents or guardians, are the initial stage of education, teaching their children between right and wrong, also answering pestering questions from curious children. Not to mention, parents likewise guardian gives financial aid for a child’s education. On the contrary, schools provide a better education than parents can, also school helps a child to see what his future clearer than parents. Furthermore, better knowledge can be found in higher education, colleges and universities. Having education also provides a person better chance of competing in the world, getting a job and
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