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Afgan Aslanov
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Importance of Education in Gender Equality
Human life is full of controversial issues, but the gender topic proceeds to keep its importance than others. Although gender discrimination and inequality have been discussed several times, consequences demonstrate that the world continues to witness gender unfairness. To specify, gender discrimination also illustrates itself in education field even if administrative level. Hence, writers, Mary Lou Andrews and Carolyn S. Ridenour discuss the influence of gender equality and leadership skills in education in their article “Gender in Schools: A Qualitative Study of Students in Educational Administration”.
The authors state that since the beginning of the 21st century, accountability plays a crucial role in the education formation. Today education system takes into account students’ knowledge with more responsibility than before. Students’ various backgrounds and their ethnicity are the basic points that force school administration to create gender fairness and justice. Likewise, to solve the problems, school managers should investigate and realize what cultural multiplicity and gender intolerance mean because of accountability principles. For example, to accept standards of responsibility is not the final step: school directors have to apply them in education and they might restructure school system and eliminate the possible restrictions. Therefore, to achieve the
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