Importance Of Education In Education

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My utmost desire is to see my children doing well or do better than myself in the area of academic performance. I am inclined to the idea that if they are well educated; they will be more prepared to face the challenges in the competitive society and easier to pursue a good and stable career which normally lead to a better lifestyle. It is my wish that not only my own children but all the children will have a bright future, so that my children will be surrounded by successful people. All of us want to be good parents who love our children with all our heart. We are happy when our children are happy and a deep sense of satisfaction fills our heart when our children are successful. I am sure children love to please their parents by rewarding them with their success stories. All the school teachers are also doing their best to fulfill the dreams of the parents.
I have three children and I am willing to do anything, to pay any price and to walk extra miles as long as my efforts are beneficial for their success. Instead of putting them in a child care center, I hired a good friend who was a teacher with many years experience in the childcare center to teach my children in my home from eight o’clock in the morning till five o’clock in the evening. She was an ideal teacher because of her motherly nature. She was good in telling stories and my three children were very happy singing children songs and learnt the alphabets with lots of fun. Some of my friends requested me to allow

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