Importance Of Education In My Life

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Growing up I use to watch television a lot, so I thought everything that happened on T.V happens in life. I imagined high school exactly like Zoey 101, or Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Then I came to realization that it’s the complete opposite. Although I did enjoy kindergarten all the way up to elementary school everything after that was very miserable for me. The only person who really helped me through it all was my mother. As a result of thinking we can do everything ourselves we can’t so most of the time we fail; nevertheless we always need somebody we can count on. I thank my mom for my success specifically through my learning journey, due to her words, the way she pushed me, and her always having faith in me. I have accomplished many of my greatest features throughout life because…show more content…
By the end of high school I got the chance complete so many new courses in all subjects and fields ever before. As an only child I tend to be very picky and I set my standards to the impossible; although that may be true I only have my mom to thank for taking me out my comfort zone and trying so many new things. There’s so much to learn but we tend to have selective learning, where people only want to learn information that is closer to their interests and person beliefs. I feel as if no matter how much we learn we still don’t know everything, that’s why it’s better for us more open-minded. Being open-minded requires a lot of faith. You have to believe that you will succeed to succeed. Believing and having faith in yourself is great but knowing someone who truly cares about you has a great amount of faith in you as well is even better. That someone was and still is my mother. My mother supports me 110% in everything I do. For example I used to want to be a fashion designer she had faith that whatever I put my mind to I can do it and she helped me along the way. Over time I changed my mind and continuously changed my mind but
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