Importance Of Education In Primary Schools

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This article examines the accessibility of schools and enrollment rate of schools in gubarga district. There has been a significant increase in educational institution especially the primary schools in the district. In these schools,85 percent are government schools and 5.4 percent are aided schools. Thus government still continues to bear the responsibility of providing basic education to the children. This has helped to improve the access of the poor people to education. The various provisions introduced by the government and accessibility of new and near schools increased the no of enrollment in the schools.This article throw a light on accessibility of schools and enrollment rate in Gulbarga district.
Key words: Accessibility,Enrollment,On going school children
Introduction Significant progress has been achieved in improving the access for schools in terms of both population and habitations. All the habitations with a population of 100 and more persons have been provided with access to primary schools with-in a distance of 1 K.M. and to upper primary schools with-in a distance of 3 K.M. In Gulbarga District 98.98 percent of children in 6 to 10 age – group, 99.19 percent of children in 11 to 14 age- group have access to regular lower primary, higher primary schools either within the village or within 1-kilometer radius, within the village or 3 kilometer radius respectively. Residual percentage of children at lower and higher primary stages are served through
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