Importance Of Education In Singaporeans

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Education, a common term used in the society today. It has also become a crucial part of our daily life. But is education a friend or a foe in the current living society? In Singapore, the education system has been revamped several times to cater to the pragmatic needs of the Singaporeans due to constant growth of the economy. Nevertheless, schooling will always be the predominant form of education. Thus, the Applied Study in Polytechnics and ITE Review (ASPIRE) Committee implemented recommendations which focus on key areas: informed choices, right skills and multiple pathways which are crucial to create opportunities for Singaporeans to achieve their potential.
Firstly, education allows one to make the correct decisions if a new interest or ambition is discovered. However, an ASPIRE survey shows that in Singapore, students usually depends on parents to help them to choose the course that they are going to study as well as their careers in the future. This can be due to students being oblivious on what their interest lies in and what they want to do. Therefore, the ASPIRE committee wants to advice students on different careers and establish education in polytechnics, ITE and schools by placing around three to five trained Education and Career Guidance (ECG) officers in each schools to provide more information by having face to face sessions (Siau, 2014, para. 6). On the other hand,

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