Importance Of Education In South African Education

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Education is in crisis

“Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela. We often hear a lot about education in our everyday lives, this shows that it is indeed important for one to acquire it. According to Big Indonesia Dictionary (1991) education is well-defined as a learning process where higher specific objects are understood and knowledge is attained by an individual. Educational institutions is where education is primarily acquired. An on-going crisis in South African education has been witnessed. This essay will focus on the quality of education in South Africa, the challenges that face the education system.

Past apartheid system is one of the reasons why South Africa’s education is where it is today. The past system made sure that the natives will only be taught labour skills only. Even the minister of native affairs Hendrick Verwoerd stated that “when I have control over the native education, I will reform it so that natives will be taught from childhood that equality with Europeans is not for them”. It prevented black people from receiving an education that will lead them to aspire positions they would be allowed to hold in society. Instead they were to receive an education designed to provide them with skills to serve their own Bantu stand homelands or to work in manual labour jobs under white’s control”.

After 1994 elections, South Africa gained its democracy and the government opened more opportunities to schooling
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