Importance Of Education In Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart, a book written by the author Chinua Achebe is a story filled with amazing culture. It is about the rise and downfall of the main character, Okonkwo. The book had many different aspects of the African culture and the different time period. For example, characters and their importance throughout the story, and how women were treated in this culture and time period. Topics from religion, family, and the social complexity were very much involved throughout the entire book and portrayed by many of the characters. However, one topic that seemed to of had a pattern was education. Education is strongly represented by the text, from the characters, and by certain events that took place in the book. Things Fall Apart, relates perfectly to education for many reasons. If you have never been exposed to this culture before, then this is a book for you. Things Fall Apart, is set in a Nigerian culture and uses words in the text that tie into that culture. When reading this book, new things can be learned about the culture by just looking up the few new words that you see. For example, in the back of the book, there is a page full of new words with their meanings that are written in many of the paragraphs throughout the book. When looking at the words and seeing their true meanings, it makes it much easier to understand the parts when they are used. This is a great way to be educated on words from the Nigerian culture. During the time period of Things Fall
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