Importance Of Educational Research

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Educational Research
Educational research investigates the behavior of the students, teachers, parents and administration who interact with educational institutions. Learning, attitudes, aptitudes, abilities, interests, practices, processes, emotions etc. come under this category.
Educational research helps people to decide which opinions are correct by providing evidences. It also helps to develop better ways to think about the field of education. The goal of the educational research is to predict or explain the educational problems.
According to the researchers, educational research should be conducted in an accurate and systematic way. Many fields, i.e. psychology, sociology, philosophy and many more come in educational research.
According to Gary Anderson, there are many aspects of educational research.
It is attempted to solve a problem. Data in this research is gathered form primary sources for a new purpose. The research is based upon empirical evidences. It requires accurate observation. The description should be correct and true. The main aim of the research is to find an unbiased solution to the problem and the data should be valid and reliable.
Steps To Conduct Educational Research
There are different steps to conduct an educational research.
1. A problem is selected
2. Specific research procedures are used to design and collect data
3. Data is analyzed
4. Conclusion is provided on the basis of data analysis
According to Leedy, Borg & Borg,

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