Importance Of Effective Communication Strategies

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Communication Strategies and Barriers in Effective Leadership
Effective communication is paramount in any leadership role, therefore, learning how to develop effective strategies while being mindful of barriers is an absolute must for any leader to be successful. One must be prepared to communicate with all cultures and generations in any given situation. I happen to work in Monterey, California; an international tourist hub. We have a diverse mix of cultures and a wide range of ages in our community. Monterey is beautiful and a haven for the young and old, alike. It is also a place that people from all over the world want to experience. Monterey houses the Defense Language Institute as well as the International School of Languages. A combination of the above attributes significantly to the diverse population. While it is wonderful to be surrounded by so many different cultures and age groups, one must know how to effectively communicate with all of them. In order to do so, one must continuously work on their skills and must know when to apply which strategies to which individuals.
Communication Strategies Associated with Effective
Effective leadership is all about communication. Three main types of communication strategies are verbal, non-verbal and visual. Depending on who and what situation one is are faced with should determine the strategy that is chosen. In my workplace, we primarily use verbal communication. Verbal communication can include spoken
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